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The Kansas City Prophets

By: K. B. Napier

Charismatics follow the wind, this way and that.  They love something novel, especially if it has the atmosphere of scripture about it, as though to legitimise it. Only those lacking in true Christian discernment and Bible knowledge  - and those who arrogantly want some kind of 'super-Christian' status - can possibly fall for the lies of charismaticism. One of the novelties is known as the Kansas City Prophet (KCP) movement.  Along with others, the KCP dramatically affected charismaticism, and has its place in the history of the notorious Toronto Blessing.

Major figures in the KCP are Paul Cain, Bob Jones and Mike Bickle. A storm of controversy surrounded the KCP in the 1980's and 1990's, but it died down when John Wimber foolishly gave them the 'covering' (approval and spiritual umbrella) of the Vineyard church Movement.  The result of this 'covering' is that although KCP teachings have been more or less refuted by Vineyard headquarters, they are still strongly represented throughout charismaticism.  This occurs even though the KCP are obviously false prophets who teach heresy.

Bob Jones was brought down by his immorality, but his false prophecies are still quoted in the Toronto Airport church (a Vineyard church until late 1995, when even Wimber had had enough of its gross excesses!). The KCP men boldly declared that they were the mouthpieces of God Himself, prefacing their so-called 'prophecies' with words like "The Lord spoke to me clearly" and "I stood face to face before the Lord" (sometimes physically)! Their prophecies contain revamped messages from other heresies, such as Manifested Sons of God, Latter Rain, etc.  They are full of messages about super-Christians, total victory over Satan, the church as the 'manchild', the last days SuperChurch, and so on.

Mike Bickle 

Bickle is pastor of Metro Vineyard Church of Kansas City (possibly the Vineyard title is now dropped, we do not know).  It used to be known as the Kansas City Fellowship. In September 1982, when he was in Egypt, Bickle heard an audible voice of 'God'. (This followed a visit to his own church that year by a man named Augustine, who told him he had heard an audible message telling him to prophesy to Bickle's church).

This voice told Bickle: "I am inviting you to raise up a work that will touch the ends of the earth. I have invited many people to do this thing, and many people have said 'yes', but very few have done my will."  This was supposed to be God talking!  It makes God out to be a roaming drop-out, searching fruitlessly for someone to do something for him!!  It makes Him out to be ineffectual and dependent on men.  Needless to say, the prophecy is false and somewhat blasphemous.

In 1986, Bickle and others formed 'Grace Ministries', which has a number of different facets to its existence.  For example, they demanded that all churches in one area should come under one leadership. Thus all pastors must be united. This theme is being seen today after the Toronto aftermath - a false unity at all costs, to show that the Church is powerful!  In my home city, for example, such a group is called 'Churches Together for Truth'. In reality, it is a mish-mash of hopeless failure churches, led by men who do not know true doctrine from false, and who led their congregations into the Toronto Blessing with intensity and wanton lack of integrity.  They are also ecumenical, not knowing the True Church from the false church.

Another facet is Shiloh Ministries, a community where prophets lived together, shared their various utterances, gave conferences and trained other 'prophets'. Paul Cain, its head, was trained by William Branham, one who was greatly influenced by spiritualistic practices and teachings.

Bob Jones

Jones was called the 'Resident Seer' of KCP's ministries.  He teaches false doctrine, false prophecies and visions, occult dreams and 'revelations'. At one time he was in a mental hospital, where, he claims, he was visited by demons regularly. Sadly, they do not appear to have left him! Whilst there, he claims that Jesus came to him and told him that to get his mind back he must either kill OR forgive twelve people he hated - and this man is revered as a 'prophet' of God!!

He also had a visit from an angelic guide (whose description is that of a familiar spirit) called 'Dominus', who turned out to be Jesus Christ Himself!  Jones also had out of body experiences - an occult phenomenon.  Dominus and Jones once sat above the KCP building in rocking chairs, looking down and holding hands! People follow this man - are they serious, or are they equally demon possessed? The catalogue of heresy and spiritualistic statements made by this man is vast.  God even stands before him every Day of Atonement and chats to him, face to face!

Another heresy promoted by Jones is the 'New Breed, New Seed' idea.  These will be last days overcomers, powerful and unique. They will come from the 'bloodlines' of people like Paul, James and John.  These powerful people will 'move in' signs and wonders constantly and will be just like Christ. These are the 'Manifested Sons of God'.  The new seed will even put death under their feet.

None of this rubbish has ever been renounced, and it is still being taught in Pentecostal/charismatic circles today.  Many of Jones' prophecies are said to have been fulfilled in the Toronto movement. In one prophecy, Jones said there would come a 'civil war', between those who did everything the 'spirit' told them to do (i.e. Toronto) and those who were 'bound in their minds' (i.e. tested the spirits by scripture).

Paul Cain 

Cain features in the life of Evangelical Alliance leader, Clive Calver - and Calver has never repudiated or renounced his connection. Jones calls Cain the 'most anointed prophet in the world today'.  Coming from a man whose friends are demons, we should not place much credence on his recommendation! Cain's mother was suffering from four major problems when she gave birth to him.  But an 'angel' came to her and said she would give birth to a male, whose name would be Paul, because he would preach just like the apostle Paul. At age eight, Cain began to have visits from Christ and God.  In this, he is typically mediumistic.

At age 19, he had a visit from an angel holding a sword and pointing to a billboard!  On the billboard was a message: "Joel's army now in training."  Cain asked 'the Lord' what it meant, and the 'Lord' took him through the book of Joel, showing him that the church of the last days was 'Joel's Army' - the New Breed of Super Christians.  They will be invincible, powerful, and will take the whole world for Christ (even though scripture says the opposite will happen).  They will be fully unified and even divine-like. This is Latter Rain and Manifested Sons of God teaching, some of which suggests that we can become sinless on this earth, in spite of scriptural teaching to the contrary!

Cain began to tell people minute details of their lives - another spiritualistic faculty, and 'God' told Cain's associates to serve Cain all the days of his life! In places where he speaks there are often electrical power surges and even blowing of circuits, which are attributed to his 'heavy prophetic anointing'!  Make no mistake - all this is the stuff of spiritualists!  The same Paul Cain prayed over Clive Calver.

Cain's main message is concerning the 'New Breed' idea.  Even lately, this message has been preached in the UK, to churches full of pride already. Such a message produces an even greater pomposity and pride, that they will soon become super-leaders of a brave new world, leading everyone to God with unlimited power.  Some even claim they will BE gods.  This is but an outline of the strange but occult world of the KCP's - and it is these same KCP's who dominate Toronto movement teaching and charismatic churches.

Pre-Toronto Warning

Clifford Hill of 'Prophecy Today' reviewed a book by David Pytches, published in 1990 ('Some Said It Thundered', Hodders). The review (Vol. 6; No.4) was published before the coming of the Toronto Blessing.  Pytches is an Anglican bishop, who visited Toronto at the start of the TB, and who crawled and barked like a dog. He enthusiastically introduced the TB to UK churches, along with Sandy Millar of Holy Trinity, Brompton, and others. And, although Hill was originally wary of the TB, he later attended the 'Waves of the Spirit' conference held in the UK, 1996, and enthused over John Arnott (Toronto Airport Church) and thus the TB itself.  The following notes are based on Hill's review.

Bishop Pytches was said to be an 'outstanding leader in the Anglican renewal movement in Britain'.  Yet, he was able to produce a book praising the Kansas City Prophets, after just a short visit.  So much for the man's 'outstanding' leadership!  We must be frank about it - just a short examination of the KCP's is enough to show us the occult nature of their work.  So, how can an 'outstanding' leader praise them and promote their work in the UK?  Even after Hill warned him, Pytches went ahead and published the book.  Maybe my own standard for a 'leader' is too strict - but I apply it to myself, too.

Hill hoped that his review would not seem to be 'judgmental' - but I am not sure if he means 'judging'. We are to judge these men, and speak out in the strongest, unambiguous of terms.  They are men who have deliberately influenced many thousands, so there is no way we should remain silent or retiscent.  And where men are occultic in their teaching, judgement is even more urgent and applicable.

Also, does Hill mean Pytches is a leader of the restoration movement when he refers to the 'renewal' movement?  Or, does he mean he a leader of the charismatic movement?  Either way, such leadership is open to great suspicion.  It is noted that pytches did not attempt to describe true prophecy, nor did he give teaching on the subject - he merely extolled the 'virtues' of the KCP.

Hill himself says that the book contains "story after story of what I believe are best described as 'paranormal experiences'..."'  We have already seen that these are really 'occult' experiences.  Let me quote one such story from the review, concerning a telephone conversation between Paul Cain and Mike Bickle:

"After the opening greetings Paul Cain said: 'Why, Mike, you've got a bit of a sniffle and you are all wet. Your hair is standing up on the left side of your head.'  Bickle called his wife Diana to look at him. 'Sweetheart, Paul says I have a  sniffle, 

I am all wet and my hair is standing up on one side. Am I all wet?'  'Yes' she said, 'You've just come out of the shower!'  'And is my hair standing up on one side?'

'Yes' she replied, 'On the left side!'  Paul Cain calls these strange experiences 'little tokens that the line is still open with the Lord (p29).

Why would the Lord Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth, give divine revelation to a prophet that his pastor had just taken a shower?"

Yes, this pathetic rubbish was passed of as 'proof' of the authenticity of the KCP's! It is clearly occult, not Biblical.  It is the kind of message given by a medium, not a prophet of God.  And its source is so obviously demonic, I wonder how Hill can be so cautious about calling it demonic. And how an 'outstanding' leader can fall for it. The KCP's have hundreds of these stories, which they claim are based on God's work.  They are frauds, not God's mouthpieces.

Hill warns readers of his magazine not to copy the things found in the book. Quite rightly. He calls the incidents dangerous - and so they are. Yet, a few years later, in 1996, he lost his way and praised John Arnott for promoting exactly the same kinds of activities, calling on us all to be lenient and understanding of the man.  Hill knows very well the strong and unbroken links between the KCP's and the Toronto Blessing. So his praise is all the more peculiar.

Like many other pro-charismatics, Pytches makes no attempt at all to test the prophecies - he just accepts them all as 'genuine', even though they are so blatantly occult.  This was a feature of the Toronto Blessing - all kinds of 'teachings' and prophecies were made, none of which were tested by scripture, or by any other means.  Everything done was accepted without question. Why? Because of the way the KCP's had conditioned charismatics to accept their own rubbish!  Accept a message about wet hair as being from God - and you will accept anything, no matter how absurd or blasphemous it is.

Also typical of charismatics is the way Pytches adulates the men of the KCP movement.  There is definite idol worship in charismatic circles, as this or that prophet or teacher is held up on a pedestal...until he/she goes out of fashion and another takes his/her place.

The whole crux of the acceptance of the KCP's is based on the accuracy of a multitude of predictions. None of them is Biblical and none of them is worthy to be called 'prophecy'...the 'shower' example is typical.  There is also supernatural knowledge of people's circumstances and lives. Again, these are attributes of occultic mediums, not of God's gift of prophecy.  Go to any spiritualist meeting (no - please do not attend them!), and you will hear countless statements from the speaker, as he or she gives details of people's lives.  But what for?  They have no real relevance to anything, and their only meaning is that someone (the medium) can tell you what you had for breakfast, or how tall your uncle was!  This is the mark of demons, who want to win people to their side, by telling them something only the people concerned can know.

Once these people are convinced that the medium has such secret knowledge, they will be convinced by his 'messages', because they are accurate. When this happens, they are then 'hooked', and the medium can say whatever he or she wishes.  Because the original messages were accurate, the listeners will automatically accept all other messages. This is how Satan 'hooked' gullible (or is it unbelieving?) people, that they would follow the KCP's.

Pytches did not bother to look for the 'fruit' of genuine prophecy, even though by the time the book was published the KCP's had been uncloaked as frauds!  Even if we forget Jones' sexual sins, we cannot overlook the basic fact that virtually no prophecies of the KCP's were true!  This has been admitted by the KCP's themselves. Yet, Pytches says they 'move on a level of accuracy' that is 'hitherto unknown'.  Yes, what they say is accurate - because demons have zoned-in on them and are using them as  channels for their deceptions.  But that does not make them Biblical, nor does it give them relevance to the churches.  To quote Pytches:

"...Paul Cain has never been known to be wrong, but (Pytches) ignores the fact that Mike Bickle himself is on record as saying, 'We don't believe everything that's said. We've been given ten thousand prophecies, and I believe there's only a small number that I've really cherished in my heart as from the Lord.' "

 This is an horrific thing to admit to!  A true prophet does not give wrong prophecies, nor does he tell lies from God.  Bickle is telling us that virtually all of the KCP prophecies are lies!  Yet Pytches (and countless charismatics) still listen to them.  Some might argue that the KCP issue is now dead, but they would be wrong, for the KCP idea permeates every strand of charismatic thinking today.

I believe Hill made a flawed judgement by saying the KCP ministry was 'immature', for this suggests that it was genuine, but needed to grow.  The KCP 'ministry' was not even of God, so it should have been strangled at birth. It was not 'immature' - it was fake. That was why it had the 'lack of a sound Biblical foundation'. 

In 1983 Bob Jones made a 'prophecy' that there would be three months of drought.  Mike Bickle said at the time

"Kansas City was known as the bread-basket of the world; it was the centre of grain farming, fanning out to a radius of five hundred miles. For the whole of June there was no rain!  IT was terrible!  For the whole of July there was no rain! It was terrible!  No rain during the first week of August or the second or the third. It was terrible!  Bob Jones said that the Lord had told him it would come on 23rd August.  We had all  been poised since early dawn that day, but by 1 pm there was still no rain.  By six o'clock we were just resigned to wait another day when suddenly it began.  And did it rain? It poured!  No man could have manipulated that. It just had to be God!"

Pretty impressive, eh?  But - why should God simply tell us there will be a drought, and then tell us the exact day it would end?  There is no point to such a prophecy!  The New Testament tell us that ALL gifts are for the edification of the Church. So how does this 'prophecy' fulfill this criterion?  it does not.  But, even if you say I am wrong on this point - let us look at something even more fundamental - the alleged accuracy of the prophecy.

Hill discovered, from the pastor of a charismatic church in Kansas City, that the whole prophecy is a lie!  The pastor, Ernest Gruen, said there was no drought!  The U.S. National Weather Bureau confirms that seven inches of rain fell on Kansas City in June 1983.  It rained on 12 out of thirty days - almost half the month!  On just one of those days, the rainfall was seven times the rainfall on 23rd August!  So, the prophecy was a lie and a fake.  What is far worse, is that Bickle afterward (that is, after knowing what really happened, and after knowing the prophecy to be false) claimed it to be true!  But, even if the prediction had turned out to be competely accurate, it had no relevance whatever for either the local church or for the universal Church.

In 1990, Hill was to have spoken at an Anglican conference - but Pytches cancelled the engagement after Hill had told him he had visited Kansas City Fellowship and had found the KCP's to be wanting!  That, friends, is also typical of charismatics today. Even when they KNOW something is evil or false, they go ahead with it anyway, so as to maintain their delusion.  Whichever way we look at such an attitude, it can only be inspired and fuelled by Satan, whether the people involved act out of unbelief, deliberate sin, ignorance, or deception.

Pytches admits that Paul Cain had a 'special bond' with William Branham, but he does not tell readers that Branham was kicked out of the Assemblies of God for heresy!  Branham was an Arian - he did not believe in the Trinity, the divinity of Christ, the Person of the Holy Spirit and many other essential basics of Christian doctrine.  In my mind that makes the man a total unbeliever!  And this is the man Cain revered!! Branham did not receive his healing from God, but had them through 'an angel' (in other words, a familiar spirit).

Pytches dismissed the problem of Branham by suggesting that his 'unique record' was 'tarnished' by 'some unbiblical teachings that have been attributed to him.'  Again, this implies that Branham was a genuine prophet and teacher.  As Hill clearly states, this is not acceptable.  Teachings were not just 'attributed' to him - they are on record as being taught by him.  For example, he said along with JW's and others!) that "Trinitarianism is of the devil." Only the devil himself would say that! Paul Cain says Branham was the "greatest prophet of the twentieth century".

Paul Cain speaks of the 'angels' that visit him and give him supernatural knowledge and odd visions. One was as follows:  "The Lord suddenly appeared beside him (i.e. Cain) in the front seat of the car, dressed in a monk's black habit and wearing a skullcap!" (P38). Pytches might well have placed an exclamation mark at the end of that statement!!  That was not the Lord! It was a demon.  Note that it wore a Roman Catholic vestment - which is quite suited to charismatic affiliations. Hill tones this down by saying it 'sounds like an occult experience'. However, Hill does suggest strongly that Cain is more of a magician or a witch-doctor than a true prophet.  But I still get the impression that he is saying Cain and the other KCP's are genuine, but 'immature'.  Let me say right now that all the KCP are occultic and that all their work is of demons, designed to draw people away from Truth and into the occult. I do not care if any of these men were once faithful (although evidence for that is wanting), for their work is evil.

Hill believes that Cain's special bond to Branham has now been shifted to Wimber. I might point out that when a man so heavily steeped in the occult shifts his alliances, it is usually because the newer link will be useful to demons.  Wimber has said he is "bonded to Cain for life". It is probably more sinister than we can imagine.

Note that Cain was out of ministry for 27 years, and then 'God' told him to begin again, but to first obtain the 'cover' of a well-known leader.  He went through a lot of others before Wimber finally accepted him under his wing!  And even then, Wimber had been going through a bad patch - so he was a prime candidate for the spectacular stunts and claims of Cain.  According to the 'prophecy' Cain was given to do this, this was the means to be used to give him a platform, from which to teach the world.  Thus Wimber, probably unwittingly, was the chosen means to help him do this. He was, then, a vital link in the spread of demonic precepts, which to date have resulted in the Toronto Blessing. What will come next we do not know....but Wimber is a cornerstone of this infamy - the KCP being foundation blocks.  I do not accept that Wimber has been a 'blessing to thousands around the world', given his own errors.

Bob Jones claims to have had literally thousands of angelic visitations, appearances of Jesus, out of body experiences and audible voices of God. All of these are occult!  We have already mentioned the Day of Atonement when God supposedly stands face to face with him.  On that day, in the church (Kansas City Fellowship) he stood on the stage with a shepherd's rod. This was used in the 'passing under the rod' ceremony, when the entire congregation walked under it. It was a 'cleansing of the camp' and a sign of submission.  And if someone is not right with God, Jones calls out their sins in public and warns them to repent. And if the persons do not listen, they get death threats!

Hill gives an account of his own foolishness (although he does not say it is foolish - but I do). He visited Bob Jones' home with some others.  All of these visitors sensed evil forces in the house. Jones claims to have special powers of 'divination' which operate through his fingers and other senses...another occult experience.  He told Hill to stand and to raise both hands. Remarkably, Hill did as he was told! Jones then put his fingers against Hill's fingers, and told him that he would feel a 'transmission of energy'. Hill was then to tell Jones which finger was shaking.  Hill said "I, meanwhile, was praying for the whole armour of God to protect me."  I find this incredible - a man willingly submitting himself to an occult practice - and THEN asking God to protect him!!  I repeat my own warnings to Christians - NEVER, EVER submit to such things.  Do not touch these men, for touch is used to transmit evil forces.  Possibly, Hill's own vacillations concerning the TB stem from this single act of disobedience. To knowingly allow one's self to be used in an occult practice is beyond comprehension.

After a bit more talk, Jones pronounced Hill an 'apostolic prophet' - a new minustry he had himself invented! (You will remember the 35 super-apostles from Kansas City who would rule the churches of the world).

Remember that according to the KCP's these are the 'new order', and 'end-time Omega generation superchurch'.  All churches who do not submit to them are of the 'Ishmael spirit' and should close!  In this we see spiritual fascism, which is also present in a number of other false religions, such as Islam.  it is this same fascism that we see in TB churches today, which promoted and expressed hatred toward non-TB Christians.

A number of churches left their own denominations, and affiliated to the KCF, because Jones had told them their children were the 'elected seed generation' who were hand-picked in heaven from the 'best bloodline that's ever been' - the offspring of the original apostles. THOSE PEOPLE BELIEVED HIM!!  This same teaching has been heard in my home city very recently and it is personified in many charismatics.  Always go for either fear or vanity - and you are sure to get a great reception!  It is simply good marketing technique.  It has worked well for the Roman Catholics for centuries.  The new 'seed' are the 'chosen generation of all history' who will become the 'Bride of Christ'. See what is being said here? They are being told that only a few Believers will be the 'Bride of Christ'  - which contradicts scripture.

Hill speaks of what he saw in the KCF - the 'disastrous fruit of false prophecy, unbiblical practices, reliance upon untested prophecy, immature and unbalanced ministries'.   Wimber acknowledges the same things in his own churches - so how can Hill say he has blessed thousands?  Note too the imbalance (or, as I would call it - signs of falsity) he refers to: when they 'first discovered spiritual gifts the emphasis was on  speaking in tongues'.  After that, the 'fashion' was 'praise and worship'. After that, came healing'. After that, they were 'into' prophecy and 'everyone was prophesying to each other' all the time!  When each new fad came along, the whole church neglected everything else.  The situation is plain as day, my friends - it is not of God!

At KCF Hill was in what he describes as a pop-concert, with a band, lead singer, a backing group of 'singing prophetesses' and 40 dancing girls!  No scripture was read and there was no Gospel preaching, no prayer or anything else Biblical.  Just two and a half hours of rock and roll.  Hill was staying with a family who had sold their home and were living in rented accomodation, because of a KCP 'prophecy' about 'debt' (i.e. mortgages).  How often I have heard of this heavy-handed control over people's lives - particularly from the 'ministry' of people in the UK like Bryn Jones!  They wreak havoc and despair.

One prophecy told a woman to have her baby at home and not in hospital. As a result, the baby died.  Of God?  Never!  Because of this and many, many false prophecies and practices, Ernest Gruen (remember, he is himself a charismatic) said, after he and forty other pastors examined the KCF/KCP's:  "I emphatically cannot recommend Kansas City Fellowship to you.  We have concluded that they are a charismatic heresy, bordering on being a cult group...."

 Holy Trinity, Brompton, had, and still has, very close links with KCF and the KCP's.  Thus we can be very sure that the same links will pervade the Toronto movement, which was spread here by Holy Trinity.  The same Holy Trinity that is now spreading the Alpha Course. KCP rubbish is being flaunted and taught in the UK, even now. 

Wimber took 'charge' of the KCP's even after Gruen had told him the truth.  It does not matter if KCP as such has ceased to be, for the same people are still around and their former work has been spread world-wide, like a cancer.  No doubt it is much easier for me to say all these things after the coming of the Toronto Blessing - but we still cannot excuse men who accepted these things, when the falsity was so blatant.

If you are connected with a church that has been infiltrated by the KCP (or its teachings), then you must purge your life of the stain.  Get rid of it. If necessary leave your church, rather than submit to such evil.  You now have an outline of what the problem is - do not continue in unbelief and disobedience.

See separate publications: 'Manifested Sons of God'; 'John Wimber'; 'William Branham'; 'Latter Rain & Restoration'.


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